Winner of the 2016/17 Renaissance and Early Modern Studies Travel/Research Grant

Please join us in congratulating Daniela D’Eugenio for winning this year’s Renaissance and Early Modern Studies Travel & Research Grant.

Daniela is a current Ph.D student in the Comparative Literature program and is also enrolled in the Renaissance Studies Certificate Program.  She is currently working on her dissertation entitled “Transferring Paremias. Cultural, Linguistic, and Literary Transitions of Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases by Vincenzo Brusantino, John Florio, and Pompeo Sarnelli” which combines a literary and linguistic analysis of Italian proverbs from 1554 to 1684. In Summer 2016, Daniela was awarded a Morgan Library-CUNY fellowship, which allowed her to transcribe, describe, and catalogue the White Collection at the Morgan Library.  During the same summer, she spent a month at the Newberry Library as a short-term fellow. This RSA-Newberry fellowship enabled her to work on the third chapter of her dissertation and consult the only available copy in the United States of a dictionary of the Neapolitan dialect. In the Spring of 2017, thanks to the Renaissance Studies Travel Grant, she had the opportunity to return to the Newberry Library and research literary works in Neapolitan dialect.

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