Quantitative Research Consulting Center (QRCC), Spring Office Hours

The Quantitative Research Consulting Center (QRCC) (https://www.gc.cuny.edu/About-the-GC/Provost-s-Office/QRCC/index) provides students, post-docs, and faculty greater resources for statistical support in quantitative and empirical research. The QRCC provides support for researchers at any stage of research in four main areas: (1) project/research planning, (2) statistical data analysis, (3) statistical…

Feb 1 | Queer Milton

A Book launch and Roundtable featuring Corey McEleney (Fordham) Erin Murphy (Boston University) David Orvis (Appalachian State) Melissa E. Sanchez (Penn) Steven Swarbrick (Baruch) Response by Mario DiGangi (Graduate Center) 4:00PM, Friday, February 1 English lounge, room 4406 Graduate Center,…

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